Friday, February 24, 2012

About Us

We are a team of positive minded people who are really passionate about healthy living who come from various walks of life. Having vast experiences ranging from the Media world (Primarily Movies ), Education and Sales/Marketing. This has enriched us with such beautiful insights on how the human mind works, what can cause a person to succeed and how one can learn and be motivated and eventually realize their dreams. We have been working with people day in and day out as part of our jobs. 

As we were brainstorming how we could use this vast knowledge base, the idea of this website was born. So "Healing You and Me" is a humble beginning to use what we have learnt along the way for the good of mankind(or womankind).

Just a disclaimer : This website is just like a friend you would need to turn to when you think you need some motivation or want to just talk to someone or reach out to someone. But in certain cases depending from person to person professional help is advisable.